ANdrew Yeung

Art Director

ANdrew Yeung

My hobby project, is a content curated website focused on the niche sport of longboarding

2014 had over 320K users on the with over 1.4 miliion sessions.

Built and coded from scratch, Longboardism and its social media channels act as my sandbox to experiment with a live audience and dive in depth into social media marketing and new digital technologies.
Peaking at over 1,500 daily visits, it has become one of the top 3 resources for the global longboarding community to get their online fix for everything longboard.

Result for the 2013 Stokemas giveaway.

Longboardism and sister site Loads of D#cks.

  • Role Founder

  • For Personal project

  • Date 2011- Present

  • Type Personal Digital Sandbox

  • URL

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