ANdrew Yeung

Art Director

ANdrew Yeung

Bully Ad

Anti-bullying awareness campaign actually bullying influencers to take action

AWARDS: DMA ECHO Certificate Award | Epica (Silver) | Media Innovation Awards (2 Golds) | CRISTAL Festival ( Bronze) | CMA (3 Silvers ) | Webby Winner | Cannes Shortlist

Bullying now follows you home and lives online so there is no escape. Re-targeted ads now follow you for days so there is no escape there either.

We bullied online influencers and media to write about our anti-bullying campaign using re-targeting banner ads. These Bully Ads specifically targeted influencers and bloggers so we could break through the clutter. Those influencers could then write about their firsthand experience with cyberbullying to create awareness.

  • Role Concept, Art Direction, User flow

  • For Canadian Safe Schools Network

  • Date 2016

  • Type Digital Retargeted Campaign

  • Award: Multiple

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