ANdrew Yeung

Art Director

ANdrew Yeung

Marketing Operation Database

Audi Dealer portal for customized dealer level email deployment and print collateral resource

<<A working prototype can be accessed on InVision>>

This web portal announced a new era for Audi dealerships; seamless and on-brand communication. Until then each dealership deployed their own ad-hoc, low tech and often off-brand marketing communication. The Marketing Operation Centre (MOC) gives dealerships access to pre-approved, customizable email and print templates which they can deploy right away without having to deal with any other third party vendor.

Dealers can select from a variety of templates. The template library can be campaign specific or generic.

The selected template can be customized and is also pre-populated with the dealer’s unique details (name, address, hours, etc.)

Once deployed, each campaign result can be individually tracked.

Subsidy claims are automatically submitted to Audi Corporate, doing away with the hassle of a paper trail.

  • Role Art Direction, UI design

  • For Audi

  • Date 2012

  • Type B2B Portal

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