ANdrew Yeung

Art Director

ANdrew Yeung

World Selfie Record

Invites users to be part of a Guinness World Record as a way to promote usage of the Shaw Go WiFi Network

Mobile first since the campaign was to be experience on the go.

Shaw offers a robust Wifi Network throughout downtown Calgary for their customers to enjoy. While the service is already included as part of customers' internet packages, adoption was still fairly small from legacy customers who had been with the company prior to the network launch. Once setup your device remains connected forever but customers just didn’t seem to bother as they saw the mobile network data package as sufficient enough.

The site allowed people to take a photo and upload it to the World Record Gallery.

To get more people to embrace the Wifi network we launched a Guinness World Record attempt for the biggest online album of people wearing hats. The campaign coincided with the Calgary Stampede. Uploading large files made for a great reason for people to join the Shaw Go Wifi Network, and the chance to win $10,000 didn’t hurt.

A live counter an searchable gallery of submission was also included

The site was designed to be screen agnostic and fully responsive.

Posters and tent card were also placed at over 3500+ participating locations.

  • Role Concept , Art Direction, UI/UX

  • For Shaw Communications

  • Date 2015

  • Type Digital/Print Activation Campaign

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